So my last blog post was mega sad, and I felt the need to keep things as upbeat as humanly possible.  So I decided to make fun of myself.  (Always an easy topic.)  There are aspects of my life where I can say that I have great taste.  I tend to own pretty nice shoes.  I know how to buy really nice sheets and pillows.  I think that I have decent taste in clothes.  However, there are some things in life that I have no business liking, but I secretly or not so secretly loooove.  Here is a list of things that I love…and I shouldn’t.

Spaghetti O’s- like tomato soup only chewy.  However this + grilled cheese = greatest snow day meal in the history of the world.

Kool-aid- I don’t care that this is for little kids, when I’m 80 years old I will still be making strawberry Kool-Aid.  However as I’ve grown older I’ve switched to artificial sweetener.  I should get a little credit for that.

Golden Girls- The jokes are predictable and it’s about old ladies having sex.  Yet if there is a marathon on I can watch this all day, every day.  I’ve probably seen every episode…about three times.

And since I’m listing things that I’m slightly embarrassed to love, I will now list things that everyone else loves, but I actually can’t stand:

Sushi- disgusting.  Nobody will ever convince me otherwise.  Ever ever. EVER

Apple- I don’t want an ipod, an iphone, a mac book, an ipad, or anything else that Apple makes.  Steve Jobs can suck it.

Hardwood floors- they are cold and noisy and they show dust and you always have to worry about scratching them.  I don’t care that they are technically fancier than carpet and they add to a home’s value, I don’t like hardwood floors!  (Though my would-be new condo has it in the living room.  I’ll deal.  And buy an area rug.)  It looks pretty, I’ll give you that.

Twitter- look, I know I’m not one to talk about shameless self promotion.  I update my Facebook status and I post this blog on a semi regular basis.  But honestly?  My life is just not that interesting to warrant updating a status every few hours.  And neither is yours.  Neither is John Mayer’s.

and the one that will blow EVERYONE’S mind….

The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brian- I never watched the Late Show with Conan O’Brian and I never watched The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brian.  The random clips of his show that I would see made me laugh, and he’s a funny dude, but I couldn’t get too terribly upset about him getting canceled cuz I never watched him in the first place.  Sorry, team CoCo.

Why do I feel like I just lost all of my readers with that last post?


3 thoughts on “Love/Hate

  1. Haha. . . I disagree with all of your bottom half of my list.

    You’re off my blogroll now.


    Okay, actually I agree with you re: sushi. I will never like it. I don’t like sushi or the crap that goes with sushi, and NO. . . I haven’t tried it, but I don’t like things that I feel should be hot. . . cold. So cold fish makes me vomit.

    Apple. I LOVE my macbook. The OS annoyed me for a while, but it’s so much better than any computer I’ve had, and is still as fast as the day I bought it (can’t say this about any other computer I’ve owned). Oh, and any computer that doesn’t get viruses is a-maz-ing. I love my ipods.

    Hardwood floors. . . I wish I shared your opinion, as I am dropping a ridiculous sum of money to change out to them. I love them though.

    Twitter.. . I just joined, but I’m not really diggin’ it. I’m with you. Conan does crack me up every day. . . which leads me to the hardest part of the post to stomach. . .

    Conan is my hero. 😦

    P.S.–sweet domain, but you don’t show up in my Google Reader now. Must remember to enter that in! My domain leads to my wordpress address b/c I wasn’t smart enough to figure this out. Kudos!

  2. See? I told you! I dislike things that everyone else is obsessed with! There must be something wrong with me.

    I think hardwood floors are way pretty, just too fancy for my clumsy self. Plus I hate wearing socks and going sockless on hardwood isn’t much fun.

    And Conan is a very funny dude, an excellent writer and I hope he gets another show. I just probably won’t watch it cuz I never watch late night talk shows. I’d rather watch Golden Girls reruns 🙂

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