Always always always always a Bridesmaid

Yes, I haven’t blogged in ages, I’m aware.  When you try to balance a full time job with a collegiate coaching position while going to graduate school, then you’ll be allowed to give me crap.  Until then you’ll take the blissful silence from my snarky comments and LIKE IT!

So, since the dance team is on a break until August and I FINISHED SCHOOL (!!!!) I am fully capable of getting back to a regular posting habit.  I haven’t told you guys about Italy!  Instead of doing a full blog about every aspect of the trip I’ll just share with you certain ridiculous stories that I find particularly entertaining.

What I’d like to talk about today are weddings.  Namely, my friends’ weddings that are coming up in the next 12 months.  I have been blessed with an amazing, wonderful, super-hot group of friends who naturally found amazing, wonderful, super-hot guys to marry, so 2011-2012 is turning into the year of weddings for me.

Exciting stuff, right?!  Open bars!  Pretty dresses!  Chicken dancing! Penis-themed bachelorette parties!  And not only do I get to go to these weddings, I got asked to be in several of them.  (Bridesmaid in 4, singing in another.)  That’s 5 weddings, friends.  How cool is that?!  I am super amazingly excited to partake in everyone’s happy moments and share in their special day, and ignoring the silent protest coming from my quickly diminishing savings account.  (Hush, savings.  You were never very impressive to begin with.)

So when I saw a trailer for the movie “Bridesmaids,” I immediately knew I would love the movie.  Kristin Wiig is phenomenal, and I’ve loved Melissa McCarthy since her days as Sookie in Gilmore Girls!  (They put her in much more flattering ensembles in GG, to say the least.)  Heather and I went to go see it this week, and I prepared myself for a good time.

As the movie went on, I found myself wondering which of the bridesmaids I would identify the most with.  What kind of bridesmaid am I going to be?  Am I the perfect little planner?  The goodie-goodie that people think is sheltered and oh-so-nerdy?  The slut who wants to escape from her normal life for a while and rock a Vegas bachelorette party?  No, in all likelihood  I figured it would probably be the maid of honor character, desperate to keep her best friend and throw her the best shower/bachelorette party she’d ever seen, secretly wondering why everyone else seemed to be pairing up but her?  (Wiig’s character.)  There were some similarities that came through in the movie, and I was thinking “wow, this movie might be about me!”

Then as the film went on, I realized that character was juuuuust a little too dramatic and self-involved.  She blamed all of her problems on other people and was more of a hot mess than I’ve ever been on my worst day.  I thought “OK, this movie isn’t about me.  I’ll just sit back and enjoy.”


Melissa McCarthy’s character, Megan, is the unattractive, chubby, clueless, crazy bridesmaid that everyone is nice to but at the same time they wonder “What the mother of crap is wrong with that girl?”  Think of the female version of Alan from “The Hangover.”  Now take away his satchel and switch it for a carpal tunnel wrist guard.  That’s “Megan”

Well, in one scene her character gets real, sits down on the couch and starts talking about her life, and how she’s super happy with the person she’s become.  She doesn’t worry about what other people think about her, and she’s generally just a content person because she does what makes her happy, and she loves her friends.  I thought “OK….that sounds like me.  Weird”  Then I thought back to a previous scene, where they showed her at work.  She worked in IT, surrounded by nerdy boys and computer screens.  Ok….yeah that’s kind of my life.  Then she dropped a bomb:  she worked for the federal government and held a security clearance.

My jaw dropped.  So, apparently I’m THAT girl.  Behold my future.


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